A porch sparkles after being cleaned by Simple Scrub products. Simple Scrub's yellow hue and animated bubbles overlay the image.
April 6, 2023 Cleaning

Simple Steps to a Cleaner Deck or Porch

A great outdoor space is a major plus for a home or apartment. The only problem? Outside is dirty! Keeping your deck or porch clean can be a hassle, but with just a few minutes here and there and the right tools, you can achieve a squeaky clean spot to soak up the sun — or the moon, if that’s more your style. 

Here are our tips for cleaning a deck or porch:

1. Sweep the Surface

Brooms aren’t just for getting witches from point A to point B; they’re important cleaning tools to keep on hand. Sweeping up debris like fallen leaves, dirt, flower petals and grass clippings will keep those things from turning into gross messes after rainstorms.

2. Choose Safe Cleaning Products

Keep your porch clean in more ways than one! Environmentally safe cleaning products are not only effective for getting the job done, they also keep your plants and furniture from harm. Another plus of eco-friendly cleaners is that they don’t create damaging runoff after a rinse. 

3. Get Yourself a Long Handle Scrub Brush

If you want to simply clean a deck or patio, you’ll need a scrub brush with a long handle. This will enable you to clean the floorboards, the exterior walls of your home and sliding door without straining your back. 

4. It’s Over For You Hose

When you’re out watering your plants, turn that garden hose on your porch or deck for a quick rinse. This is a great way to maintain a clean space between official cleaning sessions. This tip also gave us a chance to use that pun. 

5. Do a Little Tidying Each Time You Hang Out

Bring in your empties after hanging out on your porch. You may think you’ll get them in the morning, but chances are the wind might get to them first. And if you left any beverage in the can, you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation. When you head in after a day or night out on the deck, pick up a little bit to keep it looking fresh. 

Cleaning Made Simple 

How do we know so much about simple cleaning tips? Because “Simple” is our middle name. The Simple Scrub has long and short handle scrubbers, eco-friendly cleaners and plenty of reusable pads perfect for the porch or deck.

 Order yours today and check out the rest of our blog for more cleaning inspiration.