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The Simple Scrub Story

The Simple Scrub started when our founder, Billy Manovich, was visiting his Grandma. He peeked in on her cleaning to see her standing on washcloths and holding a broom. When he asked, she said that when she bent down to clean the tub and toilet, she couldn’t get back up. Eureka.

It’s a problem that we have all experienced. The pain of kneeling on tile, or squatting down to clean those gross corners behind the toilet. The Simple Scrub was created so that cleaning isn’t so much of a chore anymore. The ergonomic grip and long handle keep you standing while you clean, helping you feel better while your bathroom gets cleaner.

The Simple Scrub Shorty with an assortment of cleaning pads.

Why Simple Scrub?

Our product is made from only the highest quality materials and is made to last. We designed the Simple Scrub so that you can avoid some of the most unpleasant aspects of cleaning your home. Some of the many advantages of the Simple Scrub are:

A Better Way To Clean

A tool that helps you to clean your tub, shower (and everything else) while standing up! Choose the Simple Scrub that fits your lifestyle:
Features The Simple Scrub Leading Competitor
Padded Handle
Reusable Pads
Multiple Pad Options
Ergonomic Bend
Extreme Durability
Non-Velcro Pad Aderance For Stronger Hold
Indoor/Outdoor Cleaning Capability
The Simple Scrub Original
The Simple Scrub Original
The Simple Scrub Shorty
The Simple Scrub Shorty