The Simple Scrub + 2 white pads
The Simple Scrub Original
The Simple Scrub Original
The Simple Scrub Original ergonomic bend diagram.
Man cleaning kitchen with The Simple Scrub Original.
Man cleaning floorboards with The Simple Scrub Original.
Man cleaning bathtub with The Simple Scrub Original.

The Simple Scrub Original


  • NO MORE GETTING ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES- The ergonomic bend and swiveling head allow you to reach all areas of the bathtub and shower.
  • WON’T BEND OR BREAK- The Aluminum core will not bend or rust. Quit messing with telescoping poles that bend or don’t stay locked in place.
  • IDEAL FOR SPA OR POOL TILE- Ergonomic Bend Cleans Algae from Tiles.
  • REDUCED CLEANING TIME- Spend 10 minutes using "The Simple Scrub" and the extra 45 doing your favorite activity.
  • SAVE YOUR BACK, EYES, NOSE, AND YOUR FINGERNAILS- You don’t have to bend over and strain to reach those hard to get areas or get close to those harmful vapors.
*Due to high order volume, shipments of our popular Simple Scrub Original will be slightly delayed by a few weeks. We are currently working on restocking and will ship your order as soon as more product becomes available. We appreciate your patience and business!

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 57" × 5" × 5"
Model Number 6320190
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