The Close-Quarters Cleaning Pack from the Simple Scrub
The Simple Scrub Shorty
Cleaning Combo Package
Microfiber Towels
disposable cleaning pad
Simple Spray

Close-Quarters Cleaning

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  • 1X Simple Scrub Shorty
  • 1X Simple Scrub Red
  • 1X Simple Scrub White
  • 1X Simple Scrub Black
  • 2X Microfiber Pad
  • 1X Simple Spray
  • 1X Package of Disposable Cleaning Pads
  • 1X Package of Microfiber Towels
For when you need a big clean in a small space, the Close-Quarters cleaning package is for you. With 4 different cleaning options and The Simple Scrub Shorty, you will be able to handle any mess at any angle. Enjoy the clean, and keep you home shining this quarantine, with The Simple Scrub Shorty.

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