The Simple Scrub's Premium Jumbo Pack includes cleaning pads, cleaning cloths, reusable microfiber towels, and our cleaning concentrated named "The Simple Spray."
The 32 fluid oz and 4 fluid oz bottles of the Simple Spray cleaning concentrate by The Simple Scrub.
A stack of The Simple Scrub's dark blue, yellow, and light blue microfiber cloths available for purchase on the Simple Scrub online store.
microfiber cleaning pads by The Simple Scrub
A stack of disposable cleaning pads by The Simple Scrub
red cleaning pad
A white cleaning pad by The Simple Scrub
black cleaning pad

Premium Jumbo Pack

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  • 1X Simple Scrub Red
  • 1X Simple Scrub White
  • 1X Simple Scrub Black
  • 2X Microfiber Pad
  • 1X Simple Spray
  • 1X Package of Disposable Cleaning Pads
  • 1X Package of Microfiber Towels
No matter the mess, equip your Simple Scrub with the tools to help you handle it. Our Premium Jumbo Pack includes our scrubbing pads, perfect for everything from light household cleaning to heavy-duty outdoor solutions. All this, without having to sacrifice your knees. Clean more comfortably today with The Simple Scrub.
Due to high order volume, shipments of our popular Cloth Pads will be slightly delayed by a few weeks. We are currently working on restocking and will ship your order as soon as more product becomes available. We appreciate your patience and business!

Weight 24 oz
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