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In the hospitality industry “slip and fall” accidents are the most frequent injuries that cause lost time for employers and higher cost for customers. Bathtubs and showers rank among the highest in terms of cleaning locations that result in “slip and falls” that trigger workers compensation or other worker-health related costs. We spent time with professional housekeepers and housekeeping managers discussing workplace injuries and pain points of the job. We listened, and discovered that during work hours reaching to high places using improvised steps (sides of a bathtub, toilets, etc.) caused many injuries from falling. Additionally, the average housekeeping or sanitation professional will clean anywhere from 30-40 rooms a day. That is 30-40 opportunities to fall on these “improvised steps”, not to mention the physical strain of stooping down and kneeling on tile to clean the low areas. Plus, when sanitation and housekeeping professionals are close to the area they are cleaning, there is often harmful chemical inhalation that occurs.
A stack of Simple Scrub cleaning pads
According to the 2014 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, the annual direct cost of disability occupational injuries due to slip & fall injury claims is estimated to exceed $26 Billion.
While there will still be accidents, providing staff with the proper tool can greatly reduce situations that could cause these workplace injuries. That is why MGI Solutions has created The Simple Scrub.Our product offers ergonomic comfortable handles for heavy volume use. With aluminum powder coating to promote durability and resist corrosion and rusting. The bright yellow of the tool will fit right in with a cleaning kit, and encourage caution. Each unit comes complete with one scrubbing pad. We also offer a variety of other cleaning pads with varying bristle hardness for tougher messes, as well as a velcro microfiber pad for drying.

Why Simple Scrub?

Our product is made from only the highest quality materials and is made to last. We designed the Simple Scrub so that housekeepers and sanitation professionals can avoid some of the most unpleasant aspects of cleaning for their respective profession. Some of the many advantages of the Simple Scrub are: