The Simple Scrub Original
A microfiber cleaning pad

The Tip-Toe Saver

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  • 1X Simple Scrub Brush
  • 2X Microfiber Pads
  • 2X Cloth Pads
Save your toes and calves some work from trying to reach those high shelves and windows with a normal cleaning tool. The Simple Scrub delivers the reach you need to get those hard-to-clean places like ceiling fans and tall shelves. Utilize the telescoping design to ensure you stay comfortable while cleaning even the tallest surfaces. Plush, with The Simple Scrub microfiber pads and cloth pads, dusting and drying has never been easier.
*Due to high order volume, shipments of our popular Simple Scrub Original and Cloth Pads will be slightly delayed by a few weeks. We are currently working on restocking and will ship your order as soon as more product becomes available. We appreciate your patience and business!

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