A stack of disposable cleaning pads
A pack of Simple Scrub disposable cleaning pads
A stack of disposable cleaning pads and one disposable cleaning pad attached to The Simple Scrub Original.
A stack of disposable cleaning pads by The Simple Scrub

Disposable Cleaning Pads 40 Packs of 10 Pads


The Simple Scrub Disposable pads are a one time use pad for those nasty areas that you never want to touch again. I.E. BEHIND THE TOILET or cleaning up after pets. Or when you are working with certain products and chemicals. There are 10 pads per pack. Its a thin cotton pad that you peel off and throw away. You cannot find these anywhere. Spray your favorite dusting spray and this is great for a quick wipe down.

Product contains 40-10 packs.

Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 10" × 10" × 18"
Model Number N/A
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