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October 20, 2021 Home

Cleaning While Listening To Music Is Awesome (According To Science)

The Simple Scrub wanted to highlight this cool look at how music helps us clean, with input from the cleaning professionals at Emily’s Maids. For a full playlist of what The Simple Scrub thinks works best as far as the tunes in your ears, see our blog about The Simple Scrub’s Bathroom Cleaning Playlist.

It’s no secret that music has a special bond to our brains and that it can affect the way we perform our tasks, for better or for worse.

Let’s find out how we can use music and make our cleaning routines much more fun and exciting!

Why Do I Need Music for Cleaning In The First Place?

The most common issues when in the middle of a cleaning session are related to feeling that it’s overwhelming, tiresome, that it takes too long, or that we’re just not in the mood for it.

Music is a great ally because it will give us extra energy and motivation. It can improve our mood and help us get in the “zone” for doing tasks that can be physically demanding. It’s no surprise music is commonly used for exercising!

Background music or noise can be used as well for tasks that demand concentration such as studying or working. Now, let’s find out what science has to say about this.

The Science Behind Music and Cleaning

Scientific Research has shown that music helps to increase efficiency in repetitive tasks, such as domestic chores. 

Also, according to the Neuroscientist Robert Zatorre, “When you are perceiving very rhythmic sounds, particularly those that are used in music, these sounds engage the areas in networks of the brain that allow us to move and in particular to synchronize different muscle groups.”

Other studies have proven that background music with a fast tempo induces a positive/happy mood, which is exactly what you need when in the middle of cleaning your home.

What Should I Listen to While Cleaning?

Since cleaning chores are mostly repetitive tasks that don’t require our minds to perform analytic or creative actions, it will be okay for your brain to enjoy or be “distracted” by elements such as the lyrics or complex musical structures.

Moving more quickly might be an interest here, in order to get the job done faster. According to Zatorre, you achieve higher performance with a song with a higher beats-per-minute count. This is why pop and rock music are popular genres when it comes to cleaning playlists.

Radio, What’s New?

Another choice is the radio (or Spotify Shuffle Play!). Most radio stations play catchy, upbeat songs. This will depend on your local stations and your personal preferences, of course. If you live in Dallas, you’ll probably hear great country music on the radio. In California, the chances are pop hits are playing.

It can be a good option because they will offer endless playlists that might surprise you. No scrolling or indecision required. Just turn the radio on and see what they’re playing!

Cleaning, Music, and Technology: The Perfect Match

Technology also plays a key role here. Not only it has created amazing cleaning tools, but it can also help us enjoy some background music while doing so. The Simple Scrub strives to provide the technology that makes cleaning easier and helps to reduce the stress on your body, so that you can keep on jamming out to tunes, without the pain.

Devices such as wireless headphones allow us to listen to some music while moving around and performing our cleaning tasks. Besides the radio, new music platforms such as Spotify and YouTube can get us infinite playlist options, including those created specifically for cleaning and organizing. It’s all in the palm of your hand!

Cleaning and tidying can easily become boring or exhausting. Remember you can always hire a professional cleaning service to let them take care of the heavy stuff and if you want to tackle this on your own, play some music while doing it!