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April 23, 2021 Home

How The Simple Scrub Can Help You with Spring Cleaning

The days are getting longer and the excitement of springtime is inspiring us to freshen up our spaces with spring cleaning! As we aim to make our indoor surroundings as crisp and new as this season’s outdoor blooms, let’s consider how using a specially designed tool like the Simple Scrub can save time and energy. 

Easy Breezy

Many of the tasks on your spring cleaning list involve stretching, straining, bending, and crouching. Ever wake up with back pain without knowing why? Often when we experience muscle or back pain without remembering a specific injury that caused it, the culprit is a movement or position that didn’t seem harmful. During spring cleaning, save yourself the discomfort of being on your hands and knees with the Simple Scrub. Its ergonomic design allows you to clean your tub, shower, molding, and more while standing up. 

Fresh and Clean

The Simple Scrub mop comes with two dry cleaning pads, allowing you to apply whatever cleaning agents you prefer. Whether you would rather use natural options like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon or like the scent of your favorite brand, the Simple Scrub’s dry pads let you choose the right cleaner for the job. The Simple Scrub’s design also puts some distance between you and your cleaning agent so you breathe in fewer harmful chemicals and have less chance of them contacting your skin. 

Don’t forget to get the dust off those high-up, hard-to-reach places like cabinets and moldings. The Simple Scrub’s swivel head allows you to clean around details like cabinet knobs with more precision than a conventional mop. Have more control and dexterity while you scrub tough spaces with a tool designed for versatility.

One Powerful Tool For Spring Cleaning

You can use the same tool to clean your tub, shower, floors, cabinets, walls, and more. While you’re reorganizing during your spring cleaning, remove the mess of dusters, mops, and brushes in your closet and replace them with one simple tool. Just change the pad and solution as needed and use it as a duster, scrub brush, or mop. Keep your spring cleaning simpler with the Simple Scrub.