Man cleaning kitchen with The Simple Scrub Original.
September 20, 2021 Home

How To Fall Back In Love With Your Home

When we first move into a new place, we have a honeymoon period. Everything is clean and tidy, and we take joy in nesting and making it feel like home. As time goes by, though, we start to get bored and our busy lives prevent us from doing the little things to keep that new home spark alive. The folks at The Simple Scrub believe that your home should be a place where you feel happy, safe, and excited, and maintaining it shouldn’t feel like a chore. To help you rekindle your love affair with your home, we compiled a list of easy tips for home-mance. 

Take Ten to Tidy

One of the biggest reasons we fall out of love with our living spaces is that they have a habit of ending up a little cluttered. When things are messy in our homes, we can feel embarrassed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Taking ten minutes every day to tidy breaks up the big task of cleaning, and once you’ve gotten things organized, it becomes easy to maintain. Set a timer, play your favorite playlist, or this dedicated ten-minute clean up song, and pick one area to focus on. Use a long-handled brush to dust off the ceiling fan, arrange the knick knacks on your shelf, or sort the mail pile on your table. A ten-minute tidy is a chance to engage with the things you love, get rid of the things you don’t, and reinvest in your living space. You’ll end up feeling better not only about your home, but yourself as well. 

Rearrange the Furniture 

When you’re feeling stagnant in your living space, it’s easy to start resenting it. Add some spice back into the relationship by mixing things up! Rearranging furniture is a great opportunity to get in touch with your creative side and reinvigorate your imagination. The new look and feel will make you experience your space in new ways, bringing back that new home feeling you had in the beginning. It’s also an opportunity to clean those under and behind areas and offload things you no longer need, which prolongs the life of your flooring

Create Some Ambiance

Sometimes all we need to fall in love is the right vibes. Some gentle lighting, good smells, and the right music sets the tone and gets you in that romantic mood. The same is true for our homes. Using an oil diffuser, incense, and textile fragrances can help you reap the long-studied benefits of aromatherapy. Walking into a home that smells good will bring you joy every time you walk in the door. The right lighting makes all of us feel prettier – even houses. Lighting a candle and listening to some records can remind you of why you fell in love with your home in the first place. 

Fall In Love with Cleaning with The Simple Scrub

When chores are time-consuming, backbreaking, and difficult, it’s no wonder so many people fall out of love with their living spaces. The Simple Scrub was made to cut down on your cleaning time while upping your cleaning game. A long-handled brush, ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, The Simple Scrub spares you from having to contort your body, stretch unnaturally, get on all fours, or come face-to-face with harsh chemicals. With easy-to-change, reusable pads, you can tackle your bathroom, kitchen, and just about anywhere else. You’ll make your house cleaner, faster, and still feel good enough to enjoy it. You may even fall in love. To learn more about The Simple Scrub, visit