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April 23, 2021 Home

The Positive Effects of Cleaning on Your Mental Health

The act of cleaning is seriously underrated. In fact, the benefits of actually doing your chores might be just as significant as having a clean space. 

The importance of being in a clean environment should not be overlooked. The presence of clutter is linked to higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone produced by the adrenal gland. Also not surprisingly, research has shown in various forms that people in clean spaces report being happier and more comfortable. Seventy-five percent of people polled said that sleeping in clean bedding gives them a better night’s rest. 

However, there are physical and mental advantages to the actual labor of chores, not simply enjoying the fruits of them. Working out and physical activity gives us increased endorphins, chemicals in the brain that lead to sustained, elevated mood.

We often don’t acknowledge or realize how physical the act of cleaning is, but when we’re scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, moving furniture, or doing laundry, we’re moving our bodies more than normal. Doing your chores burn extra calories, increases circulation and digestion, and helps boost those depression-alleviating endorphins.

Take Control

During periods of depression or anxiety, some psychologists suggest identifying something you can control and taking an action step. Dusting, mopping, and reorganizing are a perfect fit for this. When the feeling of lacking control seems overwhelming, taking ownership of your space through cleaning is a great way to boost your mood and shape a positive perspective. If you’re having trouble getting started though because depression can decrease motivation, try approaching your chores slowly. Cleaning can be a zen-like activity if you allow it to be. Breathe deep and try to relax and methodically and deliberately clean, and you’ll be reducing your stress while remaining productive.

People have reported that when they take time to enjoy the fresh scents of their cleaning products, they feel calmer. Enjoy the simplicity of these tasks and practice mindful cleaning to produce feelings of serenity. 

The feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing your chore list can help your mental health as well! Give yourself a small reward for completing a cleaning task, and move forward to the next agenda item with a clearer mind.

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