The Perfect Housekeeping Scrubbing Brush

Clean Faster and Feel Better

Clean Smarter, Not Harder With the Perfect Housekeeping Scrubbing Brush

Aching back? Sore knees? Hurting wrists? These are all conditions that housekeepers know too well. Your job shouldn’t make you feel like S***. That’s where The Simple Scrub comes in. This household cleaning tool is the best bathroom brush for housekeepers to clean high spaces, low spaces, tight corners, and everything in between. 

That’s right – there is finally a bathroom cleaning brush that was made with housekeepers in mind. So throw away your other brand-name brushes. The Simple Scrub is the perfect solution to ensure that when you clean several homes a day, you come away feeling better than you ever have. 

What’s our secret? This ergonomic brush is made so that housekeepers don’t have to bend and twist to achieve the perfect angles. Now, you can easily clean grout, behind toilets, or on top of shelves and feel better after a long day’s work. Stop scrubbing harder and start scrubbing smarter with The Simple Scrub’s incredible line of household bathroom brushes, cleaners, and other tools.

An image of The Simple Scrub, the best multi-purpose long handled brush on the market. This ergonomic cleaning tool is made in Texas.

The Simple Scrub: Where Clean Meets Comfort

A cropped image of a person dancing with The Simple Scrub Original in their apartment after reading about ways to get your security deposit back.

Billy Manovich listened to his grandmother’s worries about her painful home cleaning practices – and he took action. He created The Simple Scrub with a long ergonomic handle to make her life easier…and now yours can be, too. The Simple Scrub offers a refreshing alternative to painful crouching and awkward angles. Its streamlined design supports your back and neck while cleaning, allowing you to reach the hardest-to-clean corners, nooks, and crannies throughout your home.