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Best Microfiber Towels in dallas, tx

Best Cleaning Microfiber Towels in Dallas, TX

Achieve sparkling surfaces with The Simple Scrub microfiber towels, now available in Dallas, TX. Our microfiber towels come in three colors: dark blue, yellow, and light blue. The dark blue towel is our most absorbent and is best for fighting the toughest dirt. Our yellow diamond quilted microfiber towel removes residual grime easily, while our sky blue microfiber towel wipes away lingering dust and polishes, leaving your home sparkling clean! 

A clean home doesn’t have to be difficult and painful. Our fluffy, absorbent microfiber towels are soft to the touch and easy to use. The Simple Scrub microfiber towels will allow you to finally deep clean those hard-to-reach spots. Our microfiber towels pair perfectly with our all-purpose cleaner and degreaser, The Simple Spray to tackle gunky surfaces and gooey messes. For a polished finish, try our absorbent microfiber towels with our non-toxic Pure & Simple disinfectant spray infused with lemongrass.

Join The Simple Scrub revolution as we proudly present our microfiber towel collection to the South. Try our microfiber towels today to amp up your cleaning routine. Select the option that best applies to you.

A stack of The Simple Scrub's dark blue, yellow, and light blue microfiber cloths available for purchase on the Simple Scrub online store.

The Simple Scrub: Where Clean Meets Comfort

A cropped image of a person dancing with The Simple Scrub Original in their apartment after reading about ways to get your security deposit back.

Billy Manovich listened to his grandmother’s worries about her painful home cleaning practices – and he took action. He created The Simple Scrub with a long ergonomic handle to make her life easier…and now yours can be, too. The Simple Scrub offers a refreshing alternative to painful crouching and awkward angles. Its streamlined design supports your back and neck while cleaning, allowing you to reach the hardest-to-clean corners, nooks, and crannies throughout your home.