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Hotel Hospitality Just Got a Whole Lot Simpler

If you’ve worked in hotel hospitality jobs or used normal hotel cleaning brushes, you know they are less than ideal. These tools are stiff, fragile, and keep housekeeping staff close to harmful chemicals. Well, throw out your scrubbers and mops, because The Simple Scrub is about to solve all of your problems. 

Our ergonomic hotel cleaning brush allows housekeeping and hospitality staff to safely and comfortably clean bathrooms and other spaces. This allows for quicker cleaning, with less up-and-down motion, leading to fewer workplace accidents while cleaning. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Many have made the switch and are not looking back. From New York City to Los Angeles and beyond, there is a better way to clean your hotel with fewer injuries and mishaps. 

If you want to join the cleaning revolution, it’s time to stop cleaning harder and start cleaning smarter with The Simple Scrub. Browse our products, blogs, and other services below.

An image of The Simple Scrub, the best multi-purpose long handled brush on the market. This ergonomic cleaning tool is made in Texas.

The Simple Scrub: Where Clean Meets Comfort

A cropped image of a person dancing with The Simple Scrub Original in their apartment after reading about ways to get your security deposit back.

Billy Manovich listened to his grandmother’s worries about her painful home cleaning practices – and he took action. He created The Simple Scrub with a long ergonomic handle to make her life easier…and now yours can be, too. The Simple Scrub offers a refreshing alternative to painful crouching and awkward angles. Its streamlined design supports your back and neck while cleaning, allowing you to reach the hardest-to-clean corners, nooks, and crannies throughout your home.