Looking For a Better Clean? Try a Long-Handled Cleaning Brush.

When cleaning tasks are a pain in the neck — both literally and figuratively — a long-handled cleaning brush is the perfect solution. Reach up high, down low and in the middle without climbing or bending down.

What will you clean first? Your bathroom? Long-handled cleaning brushes can help you tackle the floor, the tub, the shower and more in minutes. How about the kitchen? Reach from the tops of the cabinets to under the oven, just like that.

Ergonomic ain’t just a river in Egypt. Ergonomic tools are designed to maximize comfort and efficiency. One of the major benefits of long-handled cleaning tools is being able to remain upright for any cleaning task. 

You can replace most of your existing tools with one, high-quality long-handled scrubber.

The Simple Scrub Shorty with an assortment of cleaning pads.

Get a Handle on The Simple Scrub

The Simple Scrub’s ergonomically-designed, long-handled cleaning brush is made for your entire chore list. With a variety of easy-to-change reusable pads, you’ll be cleaning faster and with less pain than ever before.

  • Bathtub and shower
    • Stand tall against soap scum and remove it fast without bending or straining.
  • Flooring
    • Floors so clean you could eat off them, achieved with less effort than ever before.
  • Windows
    • Better get some curtains, because you’ll be able to clean even the tallest windows in minutes. 
  • Cars, boats and RVs
    • Light enough to take on the go, long enough to reach the roof tops.
  • Spa and pool tiles
    • Keep your pool area sparkling without any back strain.