Brush Up On Your Cleaning Pad Choices

Your home is full of many different surfaces, made from many different materials and exposed to different kinds of messes. What works for one mess and one material, might not be right for another one. It’s important to choose your cleaning pads wisely.

Here’s The Simple Scrub’s guide to choosing the right cleaning brush pad:

Microfiber Cleaning Pads

Soft as can be, these will keep your delicate surfaces clean. The perfect duster, microfiber traps significantly more dust than other materials, and can be used throughout the home for scratch-free cleaning and drying. Use our microfiber pads for: 

  • Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Baseboards 
  • Floors

White Cleaning Pads

Ideal for your weekly chore list, this low-abrasion pad lets you knock out your to-do list fast. Especially helpful in the bathroom, you can use them for:

  • Tile
  • Grout
  • Tub and Shower

Blue Cleaning Pads

A slightly more abrasive pad, tackle tougher bathroom and kitchen tasks without scratches.

  • Tile
  • Grout
  • Tub and Shower

Red Cleaning Pads

Need a little more tooth to get through built up soap scum? Our red cleaning pans are more abrasive than the blue ones, but they’re still soft enough to resist scratching surfaces.

  • More abrasive for tough jobs
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen 
  • Pool

Black Cleaning Pads

Our most abrasive pad, the black cleaning pads are for the toughest jobs inside and outside of your home.

  • Build up grout stains
  • Garage floors
  • Patios
  • Exterior walls

Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads

Do you believe in magic? These stain-removing pads give The Simple Scrub a magical touch, erasing tough stains.

  • Hard water
  • Soap scum
  • Tile grime
  • Toothpaste and hairspray residue

Find All the Pads You Need

The Simple Scrub’s reusable, easy-to-change pads offer a strong hold, so they stay secure til your chore is done. With a variety of options for different surfaces and tasks, you’ll have a worry-free clean throughout your home.