Looking For a Better Clean? Try the Simple Spray.

Is cleaning a literal pain in your neck? Try using one Simple product that can do it all. Keep your kitchen, bathroom, floors and even your vehicles sparkling with the handy-dandy Simple Spray.

The Simple Spray features a non-toxic formula with butyls compounds, no acids and no alkalines. This eco-friendly, all-purpose spray pairs perfectly with the Simple Scrub mop to give you an all-around clean you can hang your hat on.

The entire line of Simple Scrub cleaning products is designed to make cleaning easier, more efficient and more comfortable. No more gag-worthy chemical odors. No more wheely-carts full of spray bottles. No more pains in the neck.

Pair your Simple Spray with any of the Simple Scrub mops to achieve a more ergonomic and condensed clean than ever before.

You can replace most of your existing tools with one high-quality, long-handled scrubber and a bottle of Simple Spray.

Clean Practically Everything with The Simple Spray

The Simple Scrub’s custom-made Simple Spray is the only product you’ll need to clean practically everything. With ingredients you can pronounce and a tough-action formula to cut through grease and grime, you’ll conquer your cleaning projects with ease. Use the Simple Spray on your:

  • Bathtub and shower
    • Prevail against soap scum and grime with a few quick sprays.
  • Flooring
    • Floors so clean you could eat off them, achieved with less effort than ever before.
  • Windows
    • Better get some curtains, because your windows will be shinier than ever.
  • Cars, boats and RVs
    • Take your Simple Spray on the road to brighten up your exterior finishes.
  • Spa and pool tiles
    • Keep your outdoor spaces tidy and pristine.

It’s time to get rid of the giant collection of specialized spray bottles under your kitchen sink – Simple Spray can do it all. Streamline your cleaning by saving space and dollars today.