Image of a long-handled Simple Scrub brush being used to wash the windshield of a vehicle.
May 31, 2022 Blog Cleaning

How to Create a DIY Car Wash (And Put The Kids To Work)

With so many things to keep clean inside and outside of the home, people are always searching for cleaning hacks.

Putting your kids to work in a DIY home car wash is a cleaning hack and summer activity all in one. Whether they’re cleaning the family vehicle or taking on an entrepreneurial neighborhood enterprise, your kids will have a great time while saving you a trip to the local car wash. We put together a guide to creating a kid-friendly DIY car wash at your home. Make the chore list a lot more fun with these easy tips. 

Get Your Gear Together

Before you head out for your family car wash afternoon, gather everything the kids will need. To protect the finish of your car, make sure you have microfiber towels and pads. Microfiber towels can also be used for detailing dashboard screens. Use tougher pads for wheels and rims. A long-handle scrub brush will help kids clean hard-to-reach places, and tackle the garage door while they’re at it. For younger kids, choose a long-handle scrub brush sized for smaller spaces. If using soap and water, make sure to have at least two buckets on hand. 

Gather Safe Cleaning Products

When putting the kids to work at your DIY car wash, you need to make sure your cleaning products are safe for the car and are kid-friendly. Save water by using a natural all-purpose cleaner and degreaser that is free from harsh chemicals. In addition to saving water, your kids will be able to clean the car inside and out with one product. If you’re planning to hose the vehicle down, you and the kids can make your own car soap as an extra activity. Safe cleaning products are a must when tasking kids with chores, so always be sure to check the labels. 

Set Up Your Car Wash

If you have a driveway, set up your DIY car wash there. If not, find a safe spot in a parking lot or alley. If there aren’t trees around to provide shade, plan your car wash for morning or evening or set up a canopy to keep the kids cool and protected from the sun.  Dress the family in knee-pads, fun t-shirts and favorite hats and bust out the bluetooth speakers and pump some kid-friendly jams. You’re ready for the car wash! For little entrepreneurs, help your kids make a sign to attract business. 

Create Your Kid-Friendly DIY Carwash with The Simple Scrub

The Simple Scrub provides everything you need for a water-saving, kid-friendly home car wash. Our long handle scrub brushes come in two sizes, perfect for big kids and little ones tackling car tops, wheels and van doors. Our microfiber towels and cleaning pads will project your windshields, windows and paint job, while our tougher pads are ideal for tires and floor mats. The Simple Spray natural cleaner-degreaser can be used to clean the car inside and out and is safe for the kids and planet alike. When not in use for the car wash, The Simple Scrub’s products are the perfect cleaning hack for any household mess, making cleanup easier and less painful than traditional brushes or mops. 

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