A school janitor wipes a linoleum floor with a traditional mop, a janitorial cart with a bucket of water stands nearby.
August 12, 2022 Blog

The Old Mop is a Flop: Why Schools Need to Ditch Mops For Good

The mop was originally invented in Spain in 1964 after inventor Manuel Jalon Corominas witnessed Americans stringing rugs through rollers while cleaning. He developed the classic mop based off of this basic model, and it is still being utilized today. Though a breakthrough invention at the time, the mop has remained relatively unchanged since the 1960s. Mops are no longer considered the best way to clean floors – having been found to spread dirt, cause pain and require extensive upkeep to prevent the growth of harmful molds. Still, many schools around the country still keep them at the helm of their cleaning arsenals. 

The continued use of mops in schools spells bad news for janitorial workers, teachers and students alike. Learn why you should ditch the mop, and how you can better equip your school’s cleaning staff. 

Keep Schools Cleaner 

Custodians work hard to keep schools clean and safe for students. Unfortunately, using mops and buckets can be counterproductive to that goal. Cotton string mop heads are designed to grab dirt and grime, but can actually spread it as custodians move from one area to another, dunking the mop head in water between tasks. Unless laundered and stored completely dry after each use, mop heads build up harmful bacteria which is spread through the cleaning process. This is nearly impossible to achieve in a busy school. In order to counteract these issues, schools may opt for stronger cleaning products which can be harmful to indoor air quality. For safe, cost-effective and efficient custodial services, the best cleaning products for schools to invest in are tools with swappable pads that don’t require submerging and green all-purpose cleaners.

Keep Custodial Staff Safe

Janitors have a higher risk of job-related injury than workers in most other fields. This is largely due to repetitive motions with non-ergonomic tools. Mops are not only non-ergonomic, but become extremely heavy as they absorb water. In addition to ergonomic injuries, custodians are prone to lung diseases and disorders due to the harmful agents in the cleaners they mop with. Schools should empower their custodial staff with safe, ergonomic cleaning tools that can be effectively paired with nontoxic cleaners.

Keep Up with Protocols and Keep Costs Down

As public health concerns grow, there is an even greater focus on best practices for school janitorial and custodial services. Now more than ever, school custodians need to be able to clean quickly, efficiently and effectively. This simply isn’t possible with traditional wet mops and buckets, which demand extensive upkeep to reduce the spread of germs. Mops demand a costly use of water and other resources. The use of non-ergonomic products also costs districts for worker’s compensation, missed work and turnover. 

Keep Your School Safe and Clean 

We developed The Simple Scrub to help people clean their homes without hurting themselves or coming face-to-face with harmful cleaning products. We soon realized, school custodians and janitorial staff could benefit from our product too. The Simple Scrub eliminates the heavy buckets of contaminated water and allows staff to remain upright and comfortable while cleaning. Along with our ergonomic cleaning tool, we provide a safe, eco-friendly cleaning solution and more to make your school sparkle. Your staff and your students are important. Help keep them healthy by ditching the mop for good and choosing The Simply Scrub. 

Contact us today to learn more about bringing The Simple Scrub to your school.