The Simple Scrub breaks down each of its scrub styles and strengths in this handy guide.
December 13, 2022 Cleaning

The Ultimate Breakdown of The Simple Scrub’s Selection of Pads

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one scrubber that could handle all the jobs around your house? Just load it up and swap out the scrub pad from task to task and keep cleaning. That would be a dream, wouldn’t it? The Simple Scrub makes that dream come true with an ergonomic wand that can handle the toughest scrubs. As for the pads, each one is designed with a specific task in mind. All of our pads are designed to swap in and out with ease.

Here we will discuss the purpose behind each and show how the Simple Scrub is the cleaning tool you could only find in your wildest dreams (until now). From easy to clean up spots to stuck on grime, hardwood to bathroom cleaning supplies, Simple Scrub can handle it all.

Scrub Pads

The Simple Scrub pads come in different colors - including black, red and white - and strengths.

Our scrub pads are designed with specific uses in mind. Not only that, but they are color-coded for you to easily remember which one is meant to handle which mess. Let’s break it down:


The Simple Scrub white scrub pad is the most gentle of the pad line.

The white scrub pads are the most gentle scrub pad in our entire line. This is meant for the most delicate surfaces that need the least amount of effort to scrub. These are for quick, easy touch-ups that won’t require you to exert much effort.


The Simple Scrub red pad is of moderate strength and meant for intermediate messes.

Our red scrub pads are meant for those intermediate messes. The red one is a bit more abrasive so it can handle tougher jobs. This is for the jobs that require you to throw a little more elbow grease into your scrub. The red scrub pad moves around the house well, handling jobs outside the bathroom. Sticky kitchen floors, a spill on the deck, doesn’t matter — the red scrub pad will handle most messes. And for the most stubborn? We have an answer…


The Simple Scrub black pad is the most abrasive pad.

The black scrub pads are the most abrasive scrub pads we offer. These are for the meanest, most stubborn messes around your home. That spot on the floor that you became convinced is just a part of your home now? Gone. That stain that was an eyesore? Gone. This is our heavy duty, no-nonsense, “here to kick butt and chew gum and buddy, it’s all out of bubblegum” scrub pad. 

The Sidekicks

We have a few pads that have very specific tasks in mind, here they are:

Magic Eraser

The Simple Scrub magic eraser is great for removing scum and stains from surfaces such as walls, kitchen counters and glass showers.

You know and love them and know you can use them along with your Simple Scrub. These pads are great for anything from your sink to your kitchen countertops, and they’re great whether you are using your scrubber or not.

Disposable Cleaning Pads

The Simple Scrub disposable cleaning pads are great one-time use pads for the dirtiest areas like behind the toilet.

These cotton pads are designed to be one and done. For those more unseemly spots where you would just rather dispose of it than look at it even one more second, now you can! These will leave whatever you’re cleaning spotless and you’ll never have to see it again. This makes them great bathroom cleaning supplies.

The Simple Scrub Is Your Quick And Easy Cleaning Solution

Simple Scrub pads make for great household cleaning tools because they get you back to the activities you actually want to do as fast as possible. This handy guide will help you get finished even faster by serving as a quick reference for which pad to use for which task, whether you need to scrub a longstanding stain or give your bathroom a deep clean. Take a look at our full line of products and clean the way only you can with the Simple Scrub.