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November 2, 2022 Cleaning

The Best Shows, Albums and Podcasts to Binge While You Clean

Cleaning your entire house top to bottom doesn’t have to be such a chore. TV shows, music and podcasts can help give you the boost you need to finish your Saturday cleaning to-do list. When searching for the right background noise to clean to, choose something that you can casually have on without having to focus too much. This will allow for maximum scrubbage and minimum distraction from cleaning. 

Whether you are a light-hearted, comedy-focused cleaner or want something more dark and mysterious to scrub to, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite shows, albums and podcasts to binge while you clean. So, put in your headphones, turn up the volume and get scrubbin’!

Shows to Watch While Cleaning

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This hit American sitcom of the 1990s is a cleaning classic. With six seasons and 148 episodes, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air provides plenty of content to clean to. Each episode sits around the 25-minute mark, meaning if you want to quickly do dishes or mop the floor, you can do so and still be able to catch the rest of the episode on the couch. Or, if you have some major full-house (wait, that’s a different show) cleaning to do, keep the reruns coming and keep your scrub brush scrubbing.

The Fresh Prince is great to clean to thanks to its lighthearted, heartwarming nature and the easy-to-listen-to cadence. The show is mostly episodical, meaning you can miss an episode and still pick up the next one with no problem. Plus, if you time your jokes to yourself right, you’ll get a nice audience reaction from the show’s laugh track, giving you the ego boost you need to keep going. 

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is another show whose great TV run has ended, meaning you can binge all the episodes while you clean and rewatch the ones you may have missed. Rory and Lorelai provide great witty background noise to clean to, making cleaning day that much more fun. With longer episodes, Gilmore Girls provides plenty of content for you while you fold laundry or do other household chores. 

Law and Order

Okay, so this one is almost a cop-out addition to our list, but we’re throwing it in because it is TV’s great aunt who you never really want to see, but if she shows up at the party you’re not disappointed. What we’re saying is, Law and Order is familiar, formulaic and good for background noise. Plus, it’s a drama, giving our more serious-show-oriented cleaners something to put on while they apply their all-purpose cleaner. This show offers plenty of background noise to clean to, and if you really sit down and watch for a bit, you may actually find it pretty interesting, too. 

Music to Listen to While Cleaning

Taylor Swift 

While you sweep the floors, Taylor sweeps the charts.  Whether you are in a pop-y mood, a country feel or are looking for a main-character-staring-out-the-rainy-window vibe, Taylor Swift can do it all. And, since she’s re-releasing her albums, she is pumping out never-before-heard songs on previously-released albums. Need a 10-minute version of pouring your heart out after a breakup? Done. Need to dust off your dance moves (and the ceiling fan)? She’s got you. You can even customize the lyrics to fit your activities: “Why you gotta be so clean?”

We’re listening to Taylor Swift on repeat on our Saturday cleaning days. And until we get our scarf back, a microfiber towel will just have to do. 

Kelly Clarkson

“You laugh. You cry. You clean.” – A coworker of ours, putting his bid in for adding Kelly Clarkson’s album “Breakaway” to this list. We’re abiding. 

Kelly Clarkson’s second full-length album is one of her most iconic. With songs like “Breakaway,” “Since U Been Gone,” and “Because of You,” this album is a journey for you to go on while you scrub away the feels. It’s okay to cry; The Simple Scrub Shorty can wipe away the tears. 

The Ultimate Cleaning Playlist (Sorta)

According to the title of the playlist, this Spotify playlist apparently is your go-to for all things cleaning. With no mention of Outkast or “Car Wash,” we’re wondering if that’s really the move. Instead, try turning on the top 40 or something just as upbeat. There’s no shame in enjoying something that’s a little overplayed, so long as it gets you movin’, groovin’ and scrubbin’. 

Podcasts to Listen to While Cleaning 

The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week 

Hosted by Popular Science, “The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week” is a smorgasbord of excess facts, tidbits and interesting talking points leftover from articles the magazine writes. We love binging this podcast, with hour-long episodes full of information that we find fascinating. 

Crime Junkie

Can you literally ever talk about podcasts without mentioning “Crime Junkie”? We sure can’t. While you listen to one of the most popular podcasts on the planet, you can be inspired by past criminals and how well (or poorly) they cleaned up their messes. We’re pretty sure they wish they had a quality, ergonomic, durable, extended scrub brush when they were cleaning! 

Interesting People Reading Poetry

This title pretty much cuts right to the chase. We love cleaning while listening to “Interesting People Reading Poetry” because it takes the focus off the hard work and puts it on something beautiful, interesting and sometimes weird. Poetry can be like that, as can the people who read it. This podcast is a friend in your ear as you meander throughout your house wiping, cleaning and scrubbing. These short episodes are bingeable for any amount of cleaning you have. 

Your Cleaning Partner

Whether you are looking for the best shows, albums and podcasts to binge while you clean, or if you need better cleaning supplies to make cleaning easier, The Simple Scrub has got you covered. We offer high-quality all-purpose cleaner, microfiber towels and scrub brushes that are designed to make cleaning less of a chore. 

While you experience our great list of shows, albums and podcasts to listen to while you clean, make sure you clean with The Simple Scrub. These two things, and these two things alone, will take your chores to the next level and make them way more fun. Browse our products and get watching, listening and scrubbing!