A woman hides behind her hands, blocking her view of her messy house. She is a perfect candidate to try The Simple Scrub's Cleaning Hacks for people that hate to clean more than anything.
October 11, 2022 Blog Cleaning

How to Clean When You Hate Cleaning More Than Literally Anything.

Some people like cleaning. They find it to be comforting, empowering and a generally pleasant way to pass the time. That is not you. You hate cleaning. You hate cleaning more than just about anything in the world. You’ve grown tired of cleaning hacks that end up being more trouble than they’re worth. You just want something simple and straightforward to help you keep your house from turning into a biohazard. Finally, we have cleaning hacks made just for you. 

1. Get One Tool For Basically Everything

Does the sight of numerous mops, brooms, brushes and rags send you into a spiral of panic? Good news. You don’t need all of them. Get yourself one long-handle scrub brush with switchable pads for multiple surfaces. You can sweep away crumbs, wash an entire wall and clean the nightmare behind the toilet with ease. Spill juice in the kitchen? One tool, one pad. Cat knock over your living room succulents? Same tool, different pad. A long-handled scrubber even makes cleaning baseboards a breeze. By simplifying the big things, you’ll have a much easier time tackling the little ones. 

2. Set Yourself Up With an All-Purpose Cleaner

If you hate cleaning more than you hate anything else in this universe, the last thing you want to deal with is buckets of water and bleach. Gross. Get a multi-surface cleaner that’s safe and effective, and it’ll actually be harder not to clean. The right cleaner will enable you to clean floors, walls, windows and appliances without having to clutter your closets with toxic cleaning products. With a couple squeezes of a spray bottle, you’ve tackled the shower door, tile and tub. When it’s done, you can get back to living your life and breathing a bit easier

3. Use Technology to Stay on Top of Things

One of the hardest things for people who hate cleaning is remembering to clean. Charts are great for clean freaks, but what about you? Use the calendar in your smartphone to set cleaning alerts for days and times that you’re typically home. Have different rooms scheduled for different days and include an encouraging message like “You’re a good person – clean the kitchen,” or “Just do it, Susan, it’ll take five minutes.” When the alert comes in, all you have to do is grab your multipurpose long-handle brush, your multi-surface cleaner and the appropriate pad, and within 5 or 10 minutes you can return to the bliss of not-actively cleaning. 

Hate Cleaning Less with The Simple Scrub

We exist to make cleaning as painless an experience as possible. Our long-handle scrub brush is ergonomically designed for fast, easy floor-to-ceiling cleaning. Its slight bend and cushioned grip give you maximum control and power with minimal effort. Our multi-surface scrub pads are reusable and easy to switch out, so you can use one tool to tackle any chore in the house. Make cleaning even easier with The Simple Spray, our eco-friendly multi-surface cleaner and degreaser. Safe and effective throughout the house, you’ll never have to deal with mop water again. 

Shop The Simple Scrub’s products, combos and subscriptions today. You may still hate cleaning, but you’ll spend a lot less time doing it.