The Simple Scrub Original and Shorty are must-have hotel housekeeping supplies as pictured in this image.
September 14, 2022 Housekeeping

Increase Health and Efficiency in Hotel Housekeeping With The Simple Scrub

Your guests’ experiences are made better – or worse – by the details. Most notably, cleanliness of hotel rooms can make or break your hotel’s reputation. While keeping your hotel on a regular housekeeping schedule and following cleanliness guidelines is a good start to keeping your hotel clean, it doesn’t stop there.

Improve your hotel housekeeping practices with effective cleaning supplies, processes and storage. Simple changes such as using the right all-purpose cleaner for your hotel or storing your cleaning supplies in a more effective way can improve your hotel housekeeping. Let’s step up the cleanliness, health and efficiency of your business. 

Start With an All-Purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner for your hotel can make a world of difference to how well you clean. The Simple Spray is an ideal cleaning solution for your hotel thanks to its effectiveness on various surfaces. In hotels, you have to clean counters, dressers, tubs, sinks and floors quickly and effectively. Using a lesser-quality cleaner or multiple cleaning supplies is time consuming and potentially risky. 

The Simple Spray can be used on nearly every surface of your hotel. Whether you need to wipe down your front desk or the various surfaces of a hotel room, the Simple Spray is an ideal choice. Not only is the Simple Spray an all-purpose cleaning solution, but it is a degreaser as well. Use it around the breakfast bar when guests leave, or clean with this solution in bathrooms around your hotel. Cleaning is made easier with the Simple Spray, so you can improve your hotel housekeeping practices and keep your building spotless. 

A person uses a Simple Scrub to clean the side of a bath tub.

Get Better Results With Less Effort

Keeping your hotel clean isn’t just about wiping down surfaces. To maintain proper hotel housekeeping standards and practices, you need to ensure the rooms are altogether safe and hygienic. To achieve this level of cleanliness in your hotel, use The Simple Scrub. With an ergonomic handle and various sizes and pads, The Simple Scrub makes cleaning your hotel easier and more efficient. 

Different pads can be used in different areas of your hotel. For a quick wipe down during turndown service, the microfiber pads are perfect. If you need to deep clean your hotel or get a tougher scrub, the red or black pads will do the trick. These abrasive pads are effective in cleaning tough surfaces. For a softer scrub in the hotel pool, bathrooms or showers, use the white scrub pad. 

Keep your hotel clean and prioritize the health and safety of your guests by using The Simple Scrub. Because the cleaning will be easier and require less elbow grease, you’ll instantly create a more efficient operation. And your guests will appreciate the extra clean, too. 

Improve Cleaning Supply Storage

Finally, to improve your hotel housekeeping efficiency, focus on storing your supplies better. With ineffective storage, your housekeeping staff will spend more time finding the right supplies and lugging them from room to room rather than cleaning your hotel. The Simple Scrub’s design makes not only cleaning easier, but storage as well. Whether you have the Original or The Simple Scrub Shorty, storing these supplies is easy and the bright yellow handle makes it easy to spot in the closet! 

Plus, the lightweight design of the brushes makes carrying them around the hotel easier than traditional mops or brushes. Add the scrub pads and Simple Spray to your cart and you’ll be set. By saving time and improving the efficiency of your storage room, your staff will be able to spend more time keeping your hotel clean, safe and healthy for guests. 

A newly cleaned hotel room with shiny wood floors thanks to The Simple Scrub housekeeping cleaning essentials.

Keep Your Hotel Clean 

Nothing is more important in your hotel than the health and safety of your guests and staff. By focusing on improving your housekeeping practices and the health and efficiency of your building, you can improve the guest experience. In recent years, we have all become more aware of health and safety around us. Hotel guests want to feel comfortable and secure in your space. Create that feeling with The Simple Scrub. 

With supplies from The Simple Scrub, cleaning your hotel will be easier and more effective. Whether you want an effective all-purpose cleaner for your hotel, abrasive scrub pads, an effective and comfortable scrub brush or all-new cleaning supplies, shop The Simple Scrub. Your hotel will look spick and span, and your guests will keep coming back.