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January 14, 2022 Cleaning

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Home Cleaning Company

Maybe you are the go-to cleaner in your family. When someone has a scummy kitchen, bathroom, or entire home, you are the one who gets the call. Maybe you’ve just noticed that cleaning really isn’t much of a chore for you – and you’re just good at it. Or maybe you could use a few extra bucks on the side. Whatever the case may be, it might be time to put your skills to use and start earning income from your cleaning skills. Here are basics you need to know on getting your very own cleaning business off the ground.

Determine Your Goals

First things first: what kind of business do you foresee yourself running? Is it the kind of operation with a company van, several employees, branded shirts, and a health care plan? Or is this more a venture you will operate informally, serving mostly your friends and family and being paid via Venmo? Clearly define what your goals and ideas are for your business – there are no wrong answers.

Form a Company (But Maybe Not)

Once you’ve delineated your vision for this new enterprise, it may be time to form a real company. You can generally do this relatively easily through your state department of business or revenue. Fees for filing as an LLC will run you probably $300-$1,000, largely depending on your state. Filing as an official LLC has certain benefits: by creating a legal entity, you reduce your personal liability in the case of a cleaning gone wrong. You may also be taken more seriously by clients. However, this entails additional startup costs, and if you decide to hire more employees, you will likely need to purchase insurance coverage for them.

Don’t worry – if forming an LLC sounds too scary or complicated, you can always just start cleaning. When it comes time to file your taxes, just list your cleaning business revenue under a Schedule-C form, which default to a sole proprietorship model. Even though you won’t have an officially registered LLC with your state, you will still be recognized by the IRS as operating your own business, which will save you a huge headache if you ever get audited.

Create Policies

Before you head out on that first cleaning job, make sure you take the time to develop some business policies. Will you charge an hourly rate, different flat costs depending on the types of rooms cleaned, or a subscription-based model? Be prepared to answer questions your patrons may have in regards to discounts and one-offs. This is the time to think about everything: your travel costs, working hours, cancellation policy, etc.

Focus on Branding

One of the best things you can do for your business is developing a powerful brand. Make sure the name that you choose to represent your new operation is strong and not already in use by a local competitor. Next, taking the step to designing a simple website and a social media presence can go a long way in terms of cementing your brand. This will allow you to develop a color scheme, logo, and brand voice that you can use throughout your various communications, making your business more memorable and approachable. For inspiration, check out these videos from The Simple Scrub!

Get the Right Supplies

Lastly, and most importantly, no cleaning business would be effective without the right tools and supplies. Invest in some quality products that will make your jobs easier and quicker. Don’t cut corners here – the right mop, cleaning pad, or spray can vastly improve your experience (and productivity) as a cleaning professional.

Take Your Cleaning to the Next Level with The Simple Scrub

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