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February 8, 2022 Cleaning

How the Right Tools Can Boost Your Cleaning Business

The cleaning industry is highly competitive, with millions of janitorial, residential and self-owned cleaning businesses in the United States alone. Demand for cleaning services has grown in recent years and that growth is projected to continue over the next decade. Gaining a competitive edge in the cleaning industry takes a multifaceted approach. Many business owners focus strongly on marketing, soliciting customer reviews and hiring to gain more customers and earn more revenue. 

One aspect of growing your cleaning business that is just as important are the tools and products that you use. Whether your cleaning business focuses on residential or commercial spaces, the right tools can maximize your work and revenue while providing better conditions for your staff. 

The Simple Scrub was designed to make effective cleaning safer and easier for individuals and businesses alike. Keep reading to learn how the right tools can give your cleaning business a boost. 

1. Improve Efficiency 

Time is of the essence when it comes to cleaning. Employees need to work quickly enough to align with designated schedules, but not so fast that they miss a spot or do a substandard job. Changing out tools and cleaners cuts into the time workers spend on a job. Effective multi-purpose tools and cleaners that can work across a number of applications. Long-handled brushes allow employees to move swiftly from one task to the next. Transitioning from the bathroom tub to the bedroom wall to the kitchen floor with just a quick change of a cleaning pad keeps workers in an effective flow, especially when paired with a non-caustic all-purpose cleaner and degreaser that doesn’t require lugging and refilling buckets. With so many cleaning businesses facing staff shortages, being able to do a high-quality job in a shorter amount of time is essential to keeping your business both running and growing.

2. Cut Costs

Revenue for cleaning businesses fluctuates based on a number of factors such as consumer behaviors and concerns, market fluctuations and public health. Cleaning businesses can improve their revenue and protect themselves during slower years by using the right products. Outside of wages, insurance and licensing, materials make up a huge part of a cleaning company’s budget. Multi-purpose tools and cleaners can help you cut costs by limiting the number of supplies you need to procure for your staff. Make sure the tools you get are also made to last, and opt for reusable cleaning pads. While a good quality product may cost slightly more initially, you won’t need to worry about budgeting for costly regular replacements or poor performance. All-purpose cleaners and degreasers that are free of harsh or caustic chemicals can be used on a variety of surfaces without damaging them, saving you money on multiple different products for specific uses. 

3. Keep Your Staff Safe and Healthy 

Cleaning professionals encounter a number of occupational risks. Using the right tools and cleaning products minimize these risks and help employers save on worker compensation claims. One of the major issues workers face is physical wear and tear from using tools that are not ergonomic. Choosing long-handled tools with a comfortable grip and a slight bend to minimize exertion on the back and legs lets your employees clean pain-free. An ergonomic cleaning wand enables them to work better and enjoy a better quality of life. Long-handled cleaning tools also reduce slip and fall risks by making it easier to reach high spaces. Another major risk for cleaning professionals comes from the types of cleaning products they use. Many products contain ingredients that cause respiratory harm, reproductive issues and even cancer. Choosing cleaners and degreasers free of toxic ingredients keeps your staff healthy and protects the safety of your clients. Ergonomic cleaning tools and safe products will help you keep your cleaning business staffed with dedicated long-term employees and boost your success. 

Boost Your Cleaning Business with The Simple Scrub

The Simple Scrub exists to make cleaning more efficient and pain-free. Ergonomically designed, The Simple Scrub spares cleaning professionals from back and joint pain even with heavy-volume use, and reduces slip and fall risks. With a variety of easy-to-change, reusable cleaning pads tailored to different applications, your staff can use one tool to tackle a number of tasks with both efficiency and care. The Simple Scrub also offers Simple Spray, an eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaner and degreaser made without dangerous or toxic chemicals. Useful from the bathroom to the garage, Simple Spray is safe and effective on a variety of surfaces. With one ergonomic tool and effective all-purpose cleaner, your cleaning business will cut employee costs, improve staff retention and boost your quality of work. Visit our hotel and industrial site today, and get on the path to an even better cleaning business.