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March 10, 2022 Blog Cleaning Uncategorized

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning

The practice of spring cleaning exists across the globe and throughout history. No matter where we’re from, as we shake off the winter doldrums and begin to feel lighter, a little voice in all of us seems to shout, “let’s clean!” Many cultures have even built festivals, rituals and civic projects around spring cleaning. Now that the northern hemisphere has officially entered the season of renewal, it’s time to partake in this annual cleaning extravaganza. This is the time of year when wise folks remind us to check the batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, flip our mattresses and power wash the outside of our houses. And that’s just the beginning. 

However natural the impulse for spring cleaning may be, we’ll admit that taking on the task itself can be daunting. We tend to let things go in the winter and our homes often have a little more dust, grime and clutter than we know what to do with. Never fear. We, your trusted cleaning connoisseurs at The Simple Scrub, are here to help. We have compiled the ultimate guide to spring cleaning to help you navigate the task and get your spring started on a sparkling note. So throw open the windows, play your favorite song and tackle one room at a time with the following guidelines.

1. Start With Your Stuff

Slow down, cleaning cowboy. First thing’s first. Before you pull out your cleaning products, you need to start with a thorough assessment of your stuff. Spring cleaning gives you an opportunity to sort through those closets, drawers and shelves and figure out what you have, what you need, and what it’s time to say goodbye to. Parting ways with possessions, even those we’ve had hidden away, can be a challenge for many, but it’s great for both mind and body

Tackling one space at a time, take everything out and sort things into ‘keep,’ ‘garbage’ and ‘give away’ piles. Anything that you haven’t used in the last year, that doesn’t hold real sentimental value, should go into the ‘garbage’ or ‘give away’ pile, depending on its condition. Clean whatever you’re keeping appropriately, dust their final destinations, and put them neatly back. 

2. Hit Forgotten Places

When dust is out of sight it may be out of mind, but it’s not out of your ears, nose and throat. The same is true for mold or mildew that can develop in areas prone to moisture. What’s lurking under the sink, on top of your ceiling fan blades and in your heating ducts and radiators can trigger allergies and other health problems. 

There are a number of places we may not think about where we should dedicate some serious spring cleaning time. Make sure to move furniture to thoroughly clean underneath and behind it, clean the floors under your area rugs, and pay special attention to your baseboards, crown molding, walls and ceilings. Wash your curtains, dust the slats of your blinds and clean the inside of your windows and sills. Remove items from shelves and cupboards and wipe them down. Don’t forget to clean and disinfect utility outlets, light switches, and electronics as well. 

3. Remember to Clean Your Entire Kitchen and Bathroom

These are the big two. Cleaning your bathroom and kitchen will be the most labor-intensive part of your spring cleaning journey and probably the grossest, depending on your lifestyle. Before you start tackling surfaces, each room demands a little more internal work. In the kitchen, you should start by cleaning out your refrigerator and cabinets. Throw away expired items, lest you be like the Italian grandmother who poisoned her family with 25 year-expired hot chocolate. Thoroughly clean and disinfect your shelves and fridge before returning items. 

In the bathroom, clear out any lingering bottles, rusty razors, old toothbrushes or other items that you no longer use and disinfect cabinet shelves. Clean underneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks, wash and disinfect food traps and drain screens, and check for any leaks in your pipes. Clean the inside of your oven and all accessible areas of your stovetop. When cleaning your toilet, don’t forget the area behind it as well as the tank itself. Allow cleaning products to sit on your bathtub and shower walls for a few minutes before scrubbing. 

Make Spring Cleaning a Gentle Breeze with The Simple Scrub

The Simple Scrub was designed to make cleaning faster, safer and pain-free. Its long handle allows you to stay upright, keeping you away from irritating products and dust bunnies. You can also reach those high corners and ceiling fans without risk. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and efficiency, The Simple Scrub’s soft grip and slight bend give you more power with less exertion, helping you make quicker work of your spring cleaning checklist. Its easy-to-change, reusable cleaning pads are tailored to different applications, so you can tackle tile, wood, plaster and more with a simple switch. 

Pair The Simple Scrub with Simple Spray and knock out yucky mop water and heavy buckets. The Simple Spray is an eco-friendly, hazard-free all-purpose cleaner and degreaser that is safe and effective on a variety of surfaces. 

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