Man cleaning bathtub with The Simple Scrub Original.
November 23, 2020 Home

Tammy’s Story: How The Simple Scrub Became A Family Tradition

We could spend all day (week, month, or year!) telling you what a great investment The Simple Scrub is…but our testimonials are far more powerful than that. Here’s what our customer, Tammy, has to say:

Tammy’s Story 

I wanted to let you know how much I love your products. I have been using them like crazy. My husband teases me that I am going overboard with cleaning, and our sweet three-year-old granddaughter, Caislee, has had some things to say about this as well! 

Caislee came to stay with us for a few days last, and I was obsessed with using The Simple Scrub products to clean our stained acrylic bathtub and walls. I’ve always given her baths in the kitchen sink because I could never get our stained tub clean enough. I’ve tried every scouring pad, brush, and tool imaginable, and Caislee is getting a bit too big for the sink, and besides, she loves taking showers. After receiving The Simple Scrub products I started diligently cleaning the tub. I couldn’t stop! It became a joke at our house. I worked hard to get it in great shape, but it wasn’t quite at that “princess” point yet when our granddaughter arrived. When I rolled out of bed that morning I was determined she was going to be able to shower at Grammy’s house that very day. That day, Caislee did, and every day she stayed with us on this visit. 

Clean Enough for a Princess

Before Caislee came to visit, I experimented and found that the standard size Simple Scrub was what worked best for me in our tub and shower area. So, to get Caislee to allow me more cleaning time, I told her The Simple Scrub Shorty was her special tool to help Grammy with.  She loves helping and got to work alongside me. After she got tired she sat with her Bunny on the side of the tub, watched, and chatted with me while I worked.  

Caislee asked, “Grammy, why are you using my scrubber?”  I had discovered that using The Shorty allowed me to clean the areas in the front without hitting the wall behind me – a knuckle saver – and The Original was great for the walls and the end and back of the tub – a huge back saver – so now I use both for tub cleaning. 

After a while Caislee asked me if I could “Please stop cleaning!” I told her that I couldn’t until the tub was clean and shiny. She told me that, “It was clean and shiny” and that if I came and stood where she was, I would see it was “perfect”.  I told her I’d be done in a few minutes. She replied, “Grammy. Can you just. Step. Away. From. The. Tub?” We both started laughing and hugged. 

Well, I did step away from the tub and cuddled on the couch with my girl and her Bunny.  She finally got to take a shower at Grammy’s house. I felt such joy, peace, and satisfaction sitting outside the shower curtain listening to her sing while showering, knowing that it was clean enough for a princess.

The Simple Scrub Difference 

I love the sturdy and comfortable fit, finish and feel. I love the ergonomics and convenience of switching pads and how quickly the pads dry. I love the reassurance that every inch of the tub is clean. The Shorty is perfect for the large window my husband installed on the back wall of our tiny A-Frame so I can have a clear view of the backyard. I’ve also used The Original for walls and I’m planning to use it to wash our vehicles. I’m glad The Simple Scrub is made in two distinct sizes, because the competitor’s adjustable ones that I’ve tried aren’t as sturdy, comfortable, or versatile. 

The Simple Scrub exemplifies quality. I’m proud to see them in my arsenal. They are effective and I’m so thankful that you invented these products. I know what my favorite people are getting from us this Christmas! 

Start Cleaning Today with the Simple Scrub

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