Man cleaning truck with The Simple Scrub Original.
November 24, 2020 Home

4 Unusual Ways to Use The Simple Scrub

Once upon a time, cleaning the bathtub was a whole production – time-consuming, physically demanding, and not to mention annoying. Then The Simple Scrub came along and modernized housework. But cleaning a dirty bathtub is not the only thing The Simple Scrub is good for. Here are 4 magical ways to use The Simple Scrub: 

1. Dust Window Blinds 

Window blinds are often forgotten during cleaning, but they usually collect lots of dust as the slats trap outside grime and the moisture in the air makes the surface sticky. But before you grab your feather duster consider The Simple Scrub. The only way to get your blinds clean is by tackling one slat at a time, which a feather duster can’t do. While a thorough cleaning takes time, it’ll be easier with The Simple Scrub and keeps your blinds cleaner for longer.

2. Prep Walls for Paint

Repainting a room in your home? A smooth, even paint job starts with a clean canvas, and chances are, your walls will need some cleaning before painting. Use The Simple Scrub Shorty to remove hair, dirt and any other grime that could cause the paint to clump. 

3. Prevent Bathroom Mold

With minimal ventilation and excessive moisture, bathrooms are the ideal environment for mold, especially on the ceiling. Use The Original Simple Scrub with a mixture of bleach and water (¼ cup bleach to every quart of water) to mop the ceiling, re-soaking as necessary. After mopping the ceiling once, allow it to dry and then repeat the cleaning process.  

4. Clean Your Car

If having a clean car is a priority, consider using The Simple Scrub on your vehicle. A buildup of pollen or dust isn’t just unattractive, but also affects your car’s performance by infiltrating the air vents. The Simple Scrub makes cleaning your car simple. 

Start Cleaning Today with the Simple Scrub

Do you have something you just can’t get clean? Try using The Simple Scrub for a safer and easier clean. The ergonomic bend and swiveling head allow you to clean those hard-to-reach places and you won’t have to bend over or breathe in any harmful chemicals. 

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