A person uses The Simple Scrub Original cleaning wand to wipe down stainless steel cabinetry in a modern kitchen
December 11, 2020 Home

Thinking About Painting? Why It’s Important To Clean Your Walls

You’ve decided to start the process of painting a room in your house, or maybe the entire interior of your house.

That’s exciting! But before you start painting, there is some work to be done.


It’s important to clean your walls top to bottom before painting.

Why? You need to remove everything that’s on your wall (besides the paint, of course!) before painting over it. There is likely dust, dirt, stains, cobwebs or pet hair that is on your wall — even if you can’t see it.

If you do paint without cleaning your wall, you risk the paint cracking and/or that the paint will be uneven on the wall.

How do you go about cleaning your wall? The Simple Scrub can help with that! Simply put a pad on your Simple Scrub and use it to wipe down your walls without any of the back pain or awkward stretching? Find out how The Simple Scrub can help your home and your health here.