Simple Scrub Original resting on a stack of cleaning pads.
January 15, 2021 Home

How The Simple Scrub Can Help Clean Your Ceiling Fan

You turn your fan on in your living room to get some air circulation.

Suddenly, dust is in the air, raining down on you and your family.

That sounds horrible, and luckily, it’s easily avoidable.


To avoid dust on your fan, you’ll need to clean the top of the blades once or twice per month. 

This sounds like a chore, right? You’ll probably have to get the ladder or stepping stool out.

Not so fast. . .

This is where The Original Simple Scrub comes in. Because of the length of the handle and the swiveling head, you’ll be able to clean the top of your fan without climbing up a ladder.

We would recommend pairing The Original Simple Scrub with our Cloth Pads for the best results.

If you insist on bringing a ladder or stepping stool into the equation, The Simple Scrub Shorty is a great solution.

Make sure you have the equipment to clean your fan in a way that will keep your home clean and you safe. Find out how The Simple Scrub can help your home and your health here.