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March 17, 2021 Home

Why The Classic Mop Is So Outdated

We’ve all seen the stereotypical mop and cart – it floats around schools and corporate offices covered in its characteristic faded gray color. If you have considered getting a mop for your home, here are some key reasons why you should look elsewhere for your next cleaning tool.

Surface Coverage

The classic mop, while taking up a lot of space with an enormous flowy head, doesn’t actually cover that much surface area. Cleaning with a mop requires you to push down substantially hard to achieve any sort of clean on the floor, with all other “tentacles” of the mop outside of the pressure point simply resting on the ground, not aiding in your cleaning efforts at all.
Furthermore, mops don’t work well on all surfaces and in all areas. They are extremely difficult to use in tight spaces, in corners, or under furniture. The rigid structure and large head make a classic mop very unwieldy.


Because a mop needs to be wet to be even somewhat effective, it generally needs to rest in a bucket or cart filled with liquid. If this liquid is simply water, it can be incredibly unsanitary. As the grime you wipe from the floor rests in a room-temperature pool of water, bacteria can fester, which you will then wipe onto your floor during the mop’s next use. If the bucket contains a cleaning solution, you are then leaving an open pool of chemicals in your home – which can be unsafe around children or pets and leave unpleasant chemical odors drifting through the air.

Difficult To Clean

Once you’ve used a mop once, it will likely never return to the cleanliness of its original state. Cleaning a mop is difficult and requires a lot of effort and space, as the cloth fibers will absorb the crud from the floor with each use. Additionally, since the head is usually attached to the handle, it might mean purchasing a totally new head or entire mop once sufficiently soiled.

Solution: The Simple Scrub

Thankfully, The Simple Scrub is here to alleviate all the shortcomings of the classic mop. With a lightweight and ergonomic design, The Simple Scrub can handle a variety of surfaces and easily cleans corners and tough-to-reach spaces. This cleaning tool is made out of strong aluminum and won’t bend or break, and the powder coat ensures that even in the most humid conditions The Simple Scrub won’t rust. The cloth pads included are extra-absorbent and easily exchanged, eliminating filthy mop heads.

Additionally, The Simple Scrub is designed to make sure you stay far away from the chemicals you are cleaning with. This helps your health and makes sure you don’t spend your time breathing in chemical fumes. No more kneeling or scrubbing with a washcloth – The Simple Scrub will keep you and your home clean and sanitary. Find out more about our line of products here.