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November 24, 2020 Home
4 Unusual Ways to Use The Simple Scrub

Once upon a time, cleaning the bathtub was a whole production – time-consuming, physically demanding, and not to mention annoying. Then The Simple Scrub came along and modernized housework. But cleaning a dirty bathtub is not the only thing The Simple Scrub is good for. Here are 4 magical ways...

November 23, 2020 Home
Tammy’s Story: How The Simple Scrub Became A Family Tradition

We could spend all day (week, month, or year!) telling you what a great investment The Simple Scrub is…but our testimonials are far more powerful than that. Here’s what our customer, Tammy, has to say: Tammy’s Story  I wanted to let you know how much I love your products. I have been using...

November 4, 2020 Home
The Unexpected Benefits Of Cleaning

We know that cleaning is labeled as a chore, but not only is it beneficial for your home, it’s also beneficial for your health! Here are three unexpected benefits of cleaning that you might not have been aware of: 1. Lower Your Stress Cleaning allows you to organize your space. When you avoid cleaning...

November 2, 2020 Home
3 Places You Might Have Forgotten To Clean In Your House

We are all busy and there are certainly things in life that we forget about. When it comes to cleaning your house, there are the obvious spots to clean: the floor, the table and the kitchen. But what about those spots that aren’t at the top of mind? Here are three spots that deserve some […]

November 18, 2018 Workplace
Preventing Hotel Housekeeper Injuries

Hotel housekeepers have a myriad of responsibilities. They’re required to scrub bathrooms, vacuum, dust, makes beds, take the trash out and more. Performing each of these tasks sometimes over a dozen times a day opens up housekeeping professionals to a higher potential of physical, stress-induced,...